The Client that Knows it ALL

Have you ever had a client that sits in your chair and tries to tell you how to do your job? I get plenty of those or the I watched this video on YouTube and the stylist got the client from black box color to platinum blonde in just ONE sitting?

But what do the know it alls have in common? If they attempt to do their own hair it would turn into a disaster. Those people are the ones that bring more money to the person behind the chair. You know those clients are going to walk in the door with orange hair or an uneven haircut. In turn, that orange hair turns into a color correction that can last hours at a time to fix. Meaning the stylist can charge per hour. Which isn’t cheap.

I hate not being taken serious as a cosmetologist. No one understands the theory that goes behind chemical services or the composition of the hair. In order to create a unique color service a cosmetologist has to know a lot of color theory. We have to know how to cancel a tone out to create a beautiful color while keeping the hair healthy.

To the people that think this job is easy think again. We have to deal with all sorts of colorful people. Most are nice amazing people but you have a few clients who can be rude and demeaning. We spend hours on our feet without a break or a bite to eat. We constantly are listening and making sure our clients receive the best customer experience. We are also trusted confidants to people that need to be heard. Always remember to thank your hairdresser for everything they do because they truly love their clients and love what they do!